For Immediate Release

FRIDAY 24 JANUARY 2003 (PERTH, WA): EIDOLON PUBLICATIONS, publisher since 1990 of EIDOLON: The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy, yesterday began circulating news of the closure of the magazine.

The last issue of EIDOLON, the 10th Anniversary double Issue 29/30, was published in April 2000, and the magazine announced a formal hiatus in publication in November 2000, although submissions were accepted and considered in the interim. Subsequent efforts to restart publication, which led to a significant expansion of the editorial committee in February 2002, have proven unsuccessful.

All subscribers, and contributors who have material under consideration with the magazine, will be contacted shortly to clarify the situation. Additional developments will be posted online at

Eidolon Publications will continue to maintain and develop its website Australian SF Online, and to operate the Eidolon Books line. For additional information, contact Jeremy Byrne.

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