EUSTACE: A Ghost Story

a Children's Book by Catherine Jinks

Allen & Unwin (St Leonards, NSW), June 2003
Paperback (168pp, 195x130mm) $13.95
isbn 1-7411-4079-X

After Eglantine vanished, I thought I was through with ghosts. That was before I went on a school excursion to Hill End, and found myself investigating a whole bunch of them. Was the ghost of Granny Evans really pacing around the museum? Was the ghost of Eustace Harrow really smashing things in Taylor's Cottage? And what about that creepy old miner hiding out in Golden Gully?

Then two of my classmates disappeared, and I realised that things were starting to get serious...

From the author of Eglantine here is another deliciously spooky junior novel about Alethea, the girl with more ghosts than she can handle ... But is Eustace really the ghost of a baby long dead?

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Eustace cover art

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