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Alien Shores
Peter McNamara & Margaret Winch (eds.)

An anthology of Australian Science Fiction.

Damien Broderick "The Magi", Simon Brown "Rain From the New God", Frank Bryning "MPR Crusoe", Paul Collins "The Flick Went That-Away", Stephen Dedman "Desired Dragons", Shane Dix"Through the Waters that Bind", Bill Dodds "Mnemonic Plague", Terry Dowling "The Quiet Redemption of Andy the House”, Greg Egan "The Caress", Amos Fairchild "Housekeeping", Leanne Frahm “Land’s End”, Ian McAuley Hails "Crowd Control", Jeff Harris "Crash Jordan in the Art World of Drongo", Sue Isle "Kill Me Once", Rosaleen Love "Blue Venom", Sean McMullen "The Miocene Arrow", Geoffrey Maloney "The Last Lion in Africa is Dead", Carole Nomarhas "Soul Horizon", Yvonne Rousseau "The Listener", Chris Simmons "Moon-Watcher Breaks the Bones", Edith Speers "Welcome to the World", E.W. Story "Cold Sleep, Cold Dreams...", Dirk Strasser "At Rain's Grey Remembering", Lucy Sussex "Kay & Phil", George Turner "Flowering Mandrake", Paul Voermans "My Sister, Cristeta, Who is Magic", Kurt von Trojan "The Man Who Snatched Marilyn's Body", Wynne Whiteford "Jubilee", Sean Williams "The Soap Bubble”.

At 250,000 words with 29 of Australia's Finest SF Writers, and featuring 22 original stories, this is a landmark collection.

ISBN 1 875346 09 0, 623 pages, large trade paperback. Introduction by Damien Broderick. $19.95 (Aust) $15.00 (US) £7.50 (UK)

Blue Tyson
Terry Dowling

The Blue Captain....
Of the seven Nationals who have won Colours and fine sand-ships from the tribes, earning for themselves the right to cross the eerie and exotic Australia of the future, Tom Rynosseros is the most mysterious. He is the one from the Madhouse, the Captain whose adventures among the powerful tribes of the interior reveal a hidden purpose, a destiny waiting out in the red deserts which affects not only Nation but the Dreamtime itself.

"Australian speculative fiction is rewriting the map of our continent, and Dowling is one of its most accomplished cartographers." - THE AUSTRALIAN

"Blue Tyson is a sequel to Rynosseros ... and surpasses it in power. The world of Blue Tyson is now so richly realised that it will serve for an outpouring of new discoveries, new episodes." - EIDOLON

"The pleasure in reading Dowling lies in his evocation of a mood or a moment. He tests emotional responses in the delicate way a musician might tune an instrument." - FOUNDATION

Featuring the 1993 Readercon Award winner: "Breaking Through to the Heroes"

ISBN 1 875346 05 8, trade pb. 252 pages.
$12.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

Terry Dowling

Come to Australia....
Journey through a bizarre and beautiful world where great sand-ships are the main form of travel, and the inhabitants of the richly-cosmopolitan coastal cities can only marvel at the strang Ab'O societies of the interior.
Visit a future where terraforming, genetic engineering and formidable mental sciences are commonplace, and tribal satellites look down on unending wars between rival Ab'O States. Travel with Tom Tyson through a land of merging cultures and philosophies, of myth and dream made real, a land of absolute possibility....

"Think of an imagination steeped in the stories of Cordwainer Smith, J.G.Ballard, and Jack Vance, then grant that Terry Dowling has his own formidable intelligence, and you'll get a notion of the riches this book offers ... Rynosseros places Dowling among the masters of the field." - LOCUS

"For richness of social and textual detail, Dowling's work rivals that of Jack Vance and Gene Wolfe ... Rynosseros is an intricate and fascinating work of Australian SF." - SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY BOOK REVIEW ANNUAL

"Rynosseros accomplishes what the very best spec-ulative works achieve: it creates a world so alluring that you ache to go there yourself, not to escape the rigours of life, but in order to participate more thoroughly." - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Winner: 1991 Ditmar Award
Winner: 1991 Prix Wolkenstein

ISBN 1 875346 01 5, trade pb. 236 pages.
$12.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

Twilight Beach
Terry Dowling

A Ship, a Star, a Woman's Face...
All that Tom Rynosseros remembers from his time in the Madhouse. But who was he? Why did the powerful Ab'O tribes send him there? What do the three signs mean? From the haunted streets of Twilight Beach to the burning heart of this future Australia, from the eerie wind-river called the Soul to the dream-ridden shores of the Inland Sea, Tom searches desperately for whatever pieces of his life he can find.

"the only contemporary writer who comes close to that wonderous talespinner Cordwainer Smith" - LOCUS

"A unique, sophisticated Australian science fiction cosmology" - SUNDAY TIMES

"One of our finest futurists" - THE INDEPENDENT MONTHLY

"A singularly impressive mixture of poetical imagery, creativity and sheer storytelling power." - INTERZONE

ISBN 1 875346 08 2, trade pb. 280 pages.
$12.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

An Intimate Knowledge of the Night
Terry Dowling

The Wonder and the Terror....
When an author sits downto write the linking pieces for the stories in his new book, planning to do it by the hours of the night observed by medieval scholars, he is interrupted by phonecalls from his eccentric yet harmless friend, Raymond, a former mental patient with whom he shares some curious notions about the perceived world. At first casual and interested, even helpful, these calls soon become increasingly tense and strange, until the author realizes that what started out as an innocent, fun idea - a shared all-night vigil on the autumn Equinox - is actually serving some other vital purpose, becoming by stages part therapy, part incantatory progress, part vindication of those very theories which will change forever the way he sees the world. Terry Dowling's marvellous new book is about rapture, fear, the secret, darkest mysteries of the world and the human spirit.

" A writer of great sophistication whose work has few parallels elsewhere in the genre" - FOUNDATION

"As a thematic and historical collection of Dowling’s work, it’s excellent... an essential piece of Australian speculative fiction." - EIDOLON

Winner: 1995 Aurealis Award & featuring the 1985, 1986, 1988 & 1990 winners of the Ditmar Award for short fiction: “The Terrarium”, “The Bullet That Grows in the Gun”, “The Last Elephant” & “The Quiet Redemption of Andy the House”

ISBN 1 875346 15 5, trade pb. 285 pages.
$14.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

Back Door Man
Ian McAuley Hails

Australia of the very near future.
Nationalistic fervour and religious fundamentalism are on the rise. Drugs, espionage and sexual perversion are commonplace. The real enemy is the enemy within. Steven Plat is Head of a small National Security Organization. Entangled in an intriguing web of secrets and subterfuge, he finds himself at the back door of a city few care to see. If Plat fails, Australia may never be the same again.

"Back Door Man by Ian McAuley Hails is the first wholly successful Australian conspiracy thriller." - MELBOURNE REPORT

"The story is concerned not with the transient fashions in political causes but with the powers who work through the political system to exploit whatever can be turned to their personal gain. This is a more frightening prediction or, rather, societal analysis of a kind not unfamiliar in science fiction; revelation of an alien enemy within the system." - EIDOLON

"Back Door Man is a remarkably assured work. Highest recommendation." - LOCUS

"Tough and uncompromising, full of humour and sharp observation, Back Door Man stands firmly in two genres and does well in both: as exotic spy thriller and an ominous speculation on present-day trends." - THE AUSTRALIAN

ISBN 1 875346 04 X, trade pb. 415 pages.
$14.95 Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

Voices in the Light
Sean McMullen

(Book One of Greatwinter)

In the Australia of the distant future computers live on, although electricity and even steam power have ceased to exist long ago. The mighty Calculor of Libris is about to be commissioned, but is making strange errors. A programmer has been assassinated and components are being shot for negligence. Time is running out and important questions must be answered. Will the trains run on time after the end of the world? Can a Battle Calculor still function while drunk? Was there an ice age in the 21st Century, and how long ago was the 21st Century anyway?

"Vivid imagery ... beautifully imagined." - NEW YORK REVIEW OF SCIENCE FICTION

"Medieval cyberpunk, scientifically stimulating, unforgettably exotic, written with flair and wit." - THE AUSTRALIAN

"Completely satisfying ... squarely and ingeniously science fictional." - LOCUS

"This is a powerful beginning to what promises to be a splendid, and splendidly imaginative, series." - FOUNDATION

Listed in Notable Works for 1994 by
Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia

ISBN 1 875346 10 4, trade pb. 320 pages.
$12.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

Mirrorsun Rising
Sean McMullen

(Book Two of Greatwinter)

In the distant future of Australia, the greenhouse effect is no longer a problem - until an ancient anti-greenhouse engine in space manages to switch itself on. Only the Highliber of Libris can devise a solution, with the aid of her mighty Calculor and her strange ally, the mysterious Abbess Theresla of Glenellen. Or can she? Across the deserts to the north, an escaped component has built a rival calculor, and a renegade librarian is organising an invasion. Which Calculor will win - or is there some quite new factor at work in the politics and battlefields of 40th century Australia?

"The Greatwinter series will be one of the shapers of our sense of how to keep on living after the orrery splits." - INTERZONE

"Mirrorsun Rising has all the ideas of Voices in the Light, and is better written ... providing an engrossing vision not only of a future Australia, but of a future Earth. So grab your flintlocks, gird your loins, go forth and get the book. This one comes with a hearty recommendation from the ‘Peterborough Train Spotters Brotherhood’." - EIDOLON

"I was wiped out ... a series that deserves to be read." - AUSTRALIAN REALMS

"Mirrorsun Rising: Book Two of Greatwinter offers something like A Canticle for Leibowitz rewritten for Australia and with the religion removed." - LOCUS

Winner: 1996 Ditmar Award

ISBN 1 875346 14 7, trade pb. 344 pages.
$14.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

Call to the Edge
Sean McMullen

Introduction by Michael J. Tolley

If you had a window on the afterlife, would you kill to gaze through it? How can a man armoured only in green vines capture a desert fortress? How can a 19th Century piano vituoso begin her career after she dies? If refugee Trojans built Rome, what might refugees from the fall of Rome build? McMullen gives fantastic but feasible technologies to real people, then invites us to stand back and observe.

"Intriguing storytelling, full of wit and fascinating scientific detail, marked by a sureness of touch and a sense of wonder ... rich in the best the genre has to offer." - THE AUSTRALIAN

"An eccentricity far more intriguing than The Difference Engine." - INTERZONE

"This is science fiction in its purest form. Every story is a celebration of ideas, an exploration of worlds both new and old, transformed by technologies rendered feasible with the help of McMullen's pragmatic style. Call to the Edge delivers the goods." - NEMESIS

"Sean McMullen is one of the shining lights of Australian science fiction." - AUREALIS

Featuring the 1991 & 1992 Ditmar Award winners for Short Fiction: "While The Gate Is Open" & "Alone In His Chariot"

ISBN 1 875346 06 6, trade pb. 255 pages.
$12.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

The Sea's Furthest End
Damien Broderick

On Shrirampur, Chakravalin Chakravatin is heir to a galactic empire being forged by his monstrous father, the dictator, Jagannatha, a man who has taken from him the woman he loves. Chakravalin has vowed to reclaim her and to stand against everything that Empire means... On Earth, young dayton Ellis struggles with approaching manhood - and with a larger mystery, alien beyond his comprehension.... And watching over it all are the Kleth, immortal beings, withdrawn from human affairs, returned to their homeworld within the singularity at the galactic core.....

"A story of love, intrigue, honour, battle, mixed with a bit of breathless magic. This is one of Broderick's best books, to be read by anybody who still enjoys satisfying story-telling." - THE MELBURNIAN

"A novel plugged into contemporary culture (in both populist and theoretical aspects) credibly broadens its scope to embrace the traditions of eternity." - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

"Damien Broderick's The Sea's Furthest End manages to tackle large issues of cosmological rise and fall in an admirably condensed text ... he scarcely presses a wrong input key in this galactic "jeu d'esprit"." - SIRIUS

ISBN 1 875346 07 4, trade pb. 202 pages.
$12.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

The Unknown Soldier
Sean Williams and Shane Dix

(Book one of the Cogal)

In the bubble of space known as the Cogal, seven sentient races co-exist uneasily. Peace is always short lived. Commander Megan Moroney, Intelligence Officer for the New Amran Republic, is delivering an AI of onknown powers to her superiors in HighFleet. Her last port of call is the penal colony on Longmire's Planet. There, accompanied by the mysterious castaway, John Nine, a rebel cyborg and a powerful young mind-rider, Moroney will come to question everything she holds true. What is the relevence of a war fought three hundred years ago? And where should she place her allegiance, when even what it means to be human is cast into doubt? In the Cogal, the truth is never quite what it seems.

"A rollicking, action-packed adventure among alien races on an exotic world." - THE AUSTRALIAN

"The reader looking for a rousing military SF adventure won’t find better." - EIDOLON

"I thought of both Niven modified by Alfred Bester, or better yet, of Iain M. Banks’s similarly layered Against a Dark Background. The story’s elements are as complex and hoary as its background, and finally just as effectively managed ... it is this sense of a large and dark universe, full of wonders and horrors, secret histories and long-held grudges, that promises to make the Cogal an interesting place to revisit." - LOCUS

ISBN 1 875346 11 2, trade pb. 361 pages.
$14.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

The Dying Light
Sean Williams and Shane Dix

(Book two of the Cogal)

Piermont System, an obscure outpost of the New Amran Republic, has been destroyed in the most spectacular military skirmish for half a millennium. The ruins may hold the key to the puzzle of John Nine, a genetically modified Human whose origins remain the subject of intense speculation. Megan Moroney--ex-HighFleet Intelligence Officer and survivor of Longmire’s Planet--has made it her duty to investigate. What she finds will raise more questions than answers. Who represents the greatest threat to Human life in the Cogal: Kresh Clone Warriors, Shrik’ned Imperialists, or a mysterious alien race which inhabited Piermont System thousands of years before she was born? When the time comes to choose sides, it will never be more difficult.

ISBN 1 875346 12 0, trade pb.
$14.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)

A Pursuit of Miracles
George Turner

Eight journeys into the future from this prize-winning author.

A civilized society where barbarism is the norm.
A search for super-intelligence that goes horribly wrong.
A world where to be Non-Legal is to be non-human.
An experiment to test the very nature of reality.

"The stories in this collection show a deep concern for our world, its environment and its future. Cynical and often satirical, Turner turns a razor-like wit on SF and our world as we face the end of the 20th Century." - EIDOLON.

"Brilliant, passionate, and dangerous as only the clearest visions can be ... Challenging, astringent, moving, and exhilarating. What more could you ask from a collection of speculative fiction?" - LOCUS

"Turner provides variants of many of the standard themes of SF, such as genetic engineering and benign utopianism, which in many fictional hands results in superbeings and supercivilisations. Turner sees instead a new dimension to our potential for tragedy. For an intelligent fictional warning as to the scientific and societal forces of today that will determine our future, we all need A Pursuit of Miracles." - AUSTRALIAN BOOK REVIEW

ISBN 1 875346 00 7, trade pb. 221 pages
$12.95 (Aust) $10.00 (US) £5.00 (UK)