New Giant Monster Anthology

Agog! Press has announced an anthology of original stories about giant monsters, to be edited by Robert Hood and Robin Pen, for a mid-2005 publication.

Titled Daikaiju!, the collection is inspired by the classic giant monsters of Japanese cinema and popular culture. Editors Robert Hood and Robin Pen are well-known for their love for the genre, having presented a string of panels and discussions on the topic at Australian SF conventions and events during recent years.

The anthology is open to writers worldwide, with a November 2004 deadline for submissions. The guidelines—which include a lengthy explanation and elaboration on the Daikaiju genre, complete with movie-poster illustration—are available online.

The announcement of this anthology marks the ongoing expansion of fledgling publisher Agog!, whose second original anthology of genre fiction, Agog! Terrific Tales, is due for release at Swancon 2003 this April.

(Saturday, February 08 @ 11:59:02 WST)

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