SupaNova Expo Returns to Sydney

The SuperNova comics and pop-culture Expo is set to return to Sydney's Wharf 8 for the weekend of 05–06 April, 2003.

More than just a mere comics convention, SupaNova describes itself as "a pop-culture event that aims to be to be there helping everybody enjoy their heroes of popular culture... whether it is bringing the actors and artists out to Australia, or bringing all the specialist retailers and exhibitors of these popular culture icons, all together under the one roof."

The Expo promises to bring together graphic art iconography and animated works—all those things we call comics and 'toons—into a two day event for young and old. Guests include Kenny Baker, Sean Schemmel (Dragonball Z), John Romita Jr. (Spiderman, Hulk, Uncanny X-Men), Debbi DerryBerry (Jimmy Neutron) and Lisa Ortiz (Pokemon).

Specialist retailers and exhibitors are urged to contact Daniel Zachariou (ph. 0412 026 797), the Supanova Event Director, to discuss the event further.

Supanova Pop Culture Expo
33 Moonah Road
Alfords Point NSW 2234

(Thursday, March 06 @ 17:11:42 WST)

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