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Dedman's Success Continues
Stephen Dedman, Eidolon associate editor and increasingly successful author, has experienced an unprecedented run of success of late.

Stephen Dedman recently sold new science fiction novel Foreign Bodies to Jim Frenkel at Tor for a possible late-1999 publication. The novel is set in the near future, and features some time travel elements. Dedman's earlier story "Foreign Bodies", originally published in Aurealis #5, will form the opening chapter of the novel.

Dedman has also sold a new short story collection, Lady of Situations, to Russell Farr at Ticonderoga Publications, for a September 1999 publication. The contents of the collection are still to be finalised, but it will include the title story, Dedman's highly successful story "Never Seen By Waking Eyes", and at least one original story.

Meanwhile, Dedman's debut novel, The Art of Arrow Cutting, was published by Tor in June 1997. It made the prestigious Locus Recommended Reading List, and was a finalist for the 1997 Bram Stoker Award in the Best First Novel category. Tor is currently considering a mass-market paperback reprint of the book, while Dedman is working on an as yet untitled sequel.

Dedman is also one of the few writers to establish a name in science fiction internationally by following the traditional method of becoming known for short fiction, before moving on to longer works. He has experienced continued success, with "Never Seen by Waking Eyes" being published electronically by Minds Eye Fiction, and in French translation by Tenebres (Jan/Mar 1998) as "Parmi D'Etranges Paysages". He has had a number of new stories published recently, including: "Schrodinger's Catalyst" in F&SF (12/97), "Sojourner" in Westerly, "A Single Shadow" in Interzone (05/98), "Founding Fathers" in SF Age (03/98), and "Transit" in Asimov's (03/98). New sales include "Hard Lessons" to Dark Raptor Press and "Double Action" to Gothic Net. He has had "The Pretender" reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Arthurian Legends, and has resold "Miniatures" (Eidolon 21) to Tales of the Unanticipated, "Down to the Tethys Sea" to Aboriginal Science Fiction, "The Service of the Dead" to Graves Yard Press, and "A Single Shadow" to Weird Tales. Finally, German language electronic and anthology rights to "Desired Dragons" have resold to Storisende Verlag.

Stephen Dedman Website.


Broderick Receives Grant
Aurealis and Ditmar award-winner Damien Broderick has received an Arts Victoria grant to complete The Last Mortal Generation, a new non-fiction book.


Damien Broderick has received a $10,000 grant from the Arts Development Unit of Arts Victoria to write The Last Mortal Generation, a popular science book dealing with the social and cultural impact of new findings in science, especially in the life sciences, cognitive science and computation, quantum theory, and cosmology. It focuses on the prospects of massive human longevity extension (perhaps including rejuvenation) arising from current and foreseeable scientific research, and will be published by New Holland Books in the first half of 1999.

Broderick has written a number of non-fiction works recently, including The Architecture of Babel and Reading by Starlight, and the highly successful The Spike.


Damien Broderick, a novelist and critic, is an Associate of the Department of English and Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne. His most recent books include The White Abacus, winner of the Aurealis and Ditmar Awards for Best Science Fiction Novel of 1997, popular science book The Spike, and young adult novel Zones (co-written with Rory Barnes).


Borders in Australia
Borders Books and Music, the second-largest book retailer in the world, is set to open twelve new superstores in Australia. The first is set to open in Melbourne this October.

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The 1998 Australian Book Fair, held in Melbourne (25-28 June), was attended by US booksellers Borders and Barnes & Noble, as well as by US wholesalers Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Bookazine. Borders attendance followed the announcement that they would be opening 12 superstores in Australia, starting in Melbourne in October. The impact on the Australian marketplace of Borders, the world's second largest book retailer, is difficult to quantify, but could lead to difficulties for small independent book retailers dependent on income from selling imports, as well as providing real competition for major local booksellers Angus & Robertson's and Dymocks.

Borders Books and Music is one of the world's largest books and music retailers.

Borders Website.


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