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Goodman Sells New Novels
Alison Goodman has sold two new novels, comedy thriller Killing the Rabbit scheduled for early 2002 and an as yet-untitled young adult fantasy scheduled for 2004, to Stephanie Smith at HarperCollins Australia.

Eidolon 10th Anniversary Year
Eidolon: The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy first appeared in 1990. The new year marks the beginning of our tenth year of publication, and we've got all sorts of plans to celebrate. To start, we're giving Eidolon: SF Online readers a powerful story by Chris Lawson and an essay by Rosaleen Love.

Ten years ago this April, the six-person committee which became Eidolon Publications published the first 80-page issue of Eidolon magazine, "The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy". Its distinctive red leather-look coverstock and gold "twisted fly" eidolon sigil earned it the description "the fanzine that looks like a hymnal" from Stephen Dedman, and a printing error led to the entire printrun being given away free of charge.

A decade on, Eidolon Publications is a little different and Eidolon is very different. The 10th Anniversary Double Issue (#29/30) of Australia's oldest genre magazine will feature 200+ pages of high-quality professional fiction, artwork, critical and scholarly work of or about science fiction, fantasy and horror by Australians. It will be accepting short story submissions from Australians and Australian residents until 31 January 2000 (please see our guidelines if you're interested in submitting) and is due for release at the 2000 Australian National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, SwanCon 25, in late April. You can read one of the feature stories from the issue, Chris Lawson's "Matthew 24:36", in our first online original fiction since the hugely successful "The Masque of Agamemnon".

Also scheduled for a SwanCon 25 launch is Terry Dowling's new "linked novel" Blackwater Days (which features the award winning and internationally acclaimed stories "Jenny Come to Play", "Downloading" and "Beckoning Nightframe") from Eidolon Books. This major work will complement 1999's release (from Eidolon partner publisher mp books) of Antique Futures.

But the 10th Anniversary won't end there. Our online publication of Rosaleen Love's "The Accidental Futurist"—originally presented as an episode of ABC Radio's Occam's Razor—is just the start of major changes to the level of new content we offer online. And then there's SwanCon, where we plan to party hard, make as many new contacts as possible and wallow in gratuitous self-congratulation.

Whether or not you can make it to Perth for the parties in 2000, we hope you can join us in celebrating this milestone in Australian small-press publishing online.


Chandler Award Nominations Open
The Australian Science Fiction Foundation has called for nominations for the A. Bertram Chandler Award for Outstanding Achievement in Australian Science Fiction.

The Australian Science Fiction Foundation has called for nominations for the A. Bertram Chandler Award. The award is presented annually for outstanding achievement in science fiction by an Australian. Anyone is eligible to nominate for the Chandler Award, which is then determined by the committee of the Australian Science Fiction Foundation. Nominations should be sent to Cath Ortlieb ASFF P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill Vic 3131 or emailed to, be received by 30 September 2000, and be accompanied by a brief explanation of the nomination.

The A. Bertram Chandler Award was established by the Australian Science Fiction Foundation in 1991 to recognise "Outstanding Achievement in Australian Science Fiction". In recognition of the contributions of A. Bertram Chandler to Australian Science Fiction, and to the Foundation, the Award was named after him. Unlike the Ditmar Awards, the Chandler is decided upon by the committee of the Foundation and, although nominally an annual award presented in conjunction with the National Science Fiction Convention, is not necessarily presented every year.

The first Chandler Award was presented in 1992 to Van Ikin at the National Science Fiction Convention - SynCon '92. Subsequent winners were Merv Binns, George Turner, Wynne Whiteford, Grant Stone and Susan Batho (Smith-Clarke). No award was made in 1998. The 1999 winner was Graham Stone of Sydney.


Marillier Sells in Europe
Juliet Marillier has sold German language rights to her Sevenwaters Trilogy — Daughter of the Forest, Son of the Shadows, and Child of the Prophecy — to Droemer, and Dutch language rights to Luitingh-Sijthoff. Son of the Shadows is scheduled to be published by Pan Macmillan Australia in September 2000.

Egan Nominated for Seiun Awards
Greg Egan has been nominated for the 2000 Seiun Awards, Japan's top SF award. Permutation City and Quarantine have been nominated for Best Foreign Novel, while "The Cutie" has been nominated for Best Foreign Short Story. The awards are for works first published in Japanese translation in 1999. Winners will be announced at the 2000 WorldCon. A full list of nominees can be found here.

Williams and Dix Sell New Trilogy
Sean Williams and Shane Dix have sold a new science fiction trilogy to Ginjer Buchanan at Ace via agent Richard Curtis for a mid-five figure advance. The first volume of the yet-to-be-written Orphans Trilogy, Crown of Thorns, is scheduled for a late 2001 publication with Orphans of Earth, and Nature of Gravity to follow.

Broderick Sells New Anthology
Damien Broderick has sold new anthology of fiction and criticism, Earth Is But A Star: Excursions Through Science Fiction to the Far Future, to the University of Western Australia Press. The anthology, on the theme of the Dying Earth/Far Futures, will be published in April 2001. The UWA Press recently published Helen Merrick and Tess Williams' Women of Other Worlds.

Dave Luckett Sells New Novel
Dave Luckett has sold and delivered new children's fantasy novel Rhianna the Wild to Omnibus Books for an October 2000 publication.

Jack Dann Delivers Anthology and Novel
Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois have delivered Geometry, the latest in their Magic Tales series of anthologies, to Ginjer Buchanan at Ace. Meanwhile, his new novel Bad Medicine (previously announced as Counting Coup) will be published by HarperCollins Australia in August.

McMullen in French
Sean McMullen has sold the French rights to The Centurion's Empire to French publisher J'ai Lu.

Jack Dann in Person
Jack Dann will be the featured speaker at Martin's Books' literary dinner on 17 May at the Manhattan Bistro, Toorak Rd., Toorak, Melbourne Victoria, and at the Melbourne Science Fiction Club on Friday 26 May. He will also be the toastmaster at Convergence 2002, the Australian National Science Fiction Convention to be held in Melbourne.

Sara Douglass Delivers New Novel
Sara Douglass has delivered The Wounded Hawk, second volume of The Crucible trilogy, to Stephanie Smith at HarperCollins Australia for a May 2001 publication. The first volume of The Crucible, The Nameless Day, was published in hardcover by HarperCollins in May 2000.

Tess Williams Sells Second Novel
Tess Williams has sold and delivered new ecological science fiction novel Sea As Mirror to HarperCollins Australia for a November 2000 publication. Sea As Mirror is Williams' second novel, following on from 1996 Aurealis nominee Map of Power.

Ian Irvine Sells Eco-Thrillers to Simon & Schuster
Ian Irvine has sold new eco-thriller The Last Albatross, as well as two unwritten sequels Terminator Gene and The Life Lottery, to Angelo Loukakis at Simon & Schuster via agent Selwa Anthony.

Hoa Pham Sells New Novel to Hodder Headline
Hoa Pham has sold and delivered new novel Vixen, described as fantasy/horror magic realism, to Hodder Headline Australia for an August 2000 publication.

Simon Brown Delivers New Novel to HarperCollins
Simon Brown has delivered new adult fantasy novel Inheritance, the first volume in his Keys of Power trilogy, to Stephanie Smith at HarperCollins Australia for a late 2000 publication.

2000 George Turner Prize Winner Announced
Michelle Marquardt has won the 2000 George Turner Prize for her debut science fiction novel Blue Sky and Silence. Described as a first contact story stylistically reminiscent of C.J. Cherryh and Mary Doria Russell, the novel will be published by Bantam Doubleday in November. Marquardt, a veterinarian living in Sydney, will be presented with the $10,000 Prize in a ceremony to be held in Sydney on Friday, 26 May 2000.

Egan Award News
Greg Egan's novelette "Border Guards", originally published in Interzone in October 1999, has been nominated for the 2000 Hugo Awards. For a full list of other nominees go here. Egan has also been awarded the "Kurd Lasswitz Preis", an award voted by German SF-Professionals, in the Best Foreign Novel category for his novel Distress (Heyne Verlag, 1999). Bernhard Kempen also received the Best Translation award for his translation of Distress.

Ticonderoga Launches New Webzine
Russell B. Farr's Ticonderoga Publications launched new webzine Ticonderoga Online on 6 May 2000. The site features original fiction, articles and essays. It can be be found at

Western Australian SF Awards Presented
The 2000 Western Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards (Tin Ducks) were presented at Swancon 2000 on 23 April 2000. The winners were Stephen Dedman's The Lady of Situations won Best Written Work (Professional); Cathy Cupitt's writings in The Rhizome Factor won Best Written Work (Unpaid Or Fan); Jeremy G Byrne for Eidolon: The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy won Best Professional Production In Any Medium; Cathy Cupitt for The Rhizome Factor won Best Non-Professional Production In Any Medium; and Shaun Tan's cover to The Coode St. Review of Science Fiction #1 won Best Artist. A special award, the Silver Swan, was presented to Eidolon for services to Western Australian science fiction.

Australian SF Awards Postponed
The committee of Swancon 2000, the Australian National Science Fiction Convention, has postphoned the awarding of the Australian National Science Fiction Achievement "Ditmar" Awards. The committee has cancelled the ballot announced previously, and will conduct a new voting and nominating process which will follow rules adopted at the Business Meeting of the 2000 NatCon.

Dann Sells New Short Novel
Jack Dann has sold new short novel "The Diamond Pit" to Gordon Van Gelder at The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Dozois' Annual Year's Best
Gardner Dozois' The Year's Best Science Fiction: Seventeenth Annual Collection will be published by St Martins Press in July 2000, and will include Greg Egan's "Border Guards", Chris Lawson's "Written in Blood", and Sean Williams' "Evermore".

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