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Shaun Tan on 2001 CBC Shortlist
Once again, genre author/artist Shaun Tan has made the 2001 Children's Book Council Awards shortlist, this time with his Picture Book The Lost Thing (Lothian). Shaun won Picture Book of the Year in 1999 for The Rabbits (with John Marsden) and Memorial (with Gary Crew) was an Honoured Picture Book in 2000.

Sonya Hatnett's Aurealis Award winning YA novel Thursday's Child has also been shortlisted, in the Older Readers category.

Garth Nix Homesite Renewal
A long-overdue technical overhaul has brought Garth Nix's homesite into the twenty-first century, just in time for the release of his long-awaited sequel to Sabriel.

Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr, the second in what will now be a trilogy to finish with Abhorsen, is available in a special library binding from HarperCollins in the US and is due very soon in mass-market Hardcover, as well as locally from Allen & Unwin Australia. Impatient Sabriel fans can read the prologue, the first three chapters and the beginning of part two through the updated homesite.


Latest Broderick Through UWA Press
The University of Western Australia Press will launch anthology Earth is But a Star: Excursions Through Science Fiction to the Far Future, edited by Damien Broderick, at this month's National Convention in Perth.

Produced in a format similar to the earlier UWA Press anthology Women of Other Worlds, which Broderick credits with breaking the trail, the 466-page book includes 31 individual pieces, a mix of reprint fiction and commentary.

According to the editor, "the fiction ranges from classic dying earth stuff, including some from before Jack Vance invented the term, to recent work by Steve Baxter and a new piece by Rosaleen Love", and most of the essay material was commissioned specifically for the volume.


Authors Chat Online
On 26 June 2000 (9:00pm EST) SCIFI.COM's Chat, co-sponsored by Analog, Asimov's and and moderated by Gardner Dozois, will feature Australian authors Jack Dann, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Ian Irvine, Maxine McArthur and Sean McMullen.

Redsine Five Now Showing
The April 2000 Redsine includes a Feature retrospective of Geoffrey Maloney, their first of an Australian author.

Redsine 5 includes four reprint Maloney stories and an interview "discussing his influences and approach to writing, as well as a glimpse of future projects".

The complete contents list is as follows:

  • "Clowns in the Woods" by Brian Ames
  • "Watch for Bears" by Vincent W. Sakowski
  • "Exterminator" by Hertzan Chimera & Greg Wharton
  • "Shall Inherit" by Nicholas James Jedd
  • "Dead Skin" by Mark West
  • "Body Art" by Alison Davies
  • "Foxy Lady" by Quentin S. Crisp
  • "Notes on the Unperson" by James Wall
  • "Divine Doubt" by Joey Windrich
  • What Dreams May Come" by DF Lewis & David Price
Non Fiction:
  • Dead Things #3 & #5 reviewed by D.S.Davidson
  • Vivian & Merlin reviewed by Aeronwy Dafies
  • The Life Of Dracula - A Timeline by D.J. Tyrer
  • Robert Stephenson's Quick Look At Books
Digital Artwork by:
  • Mike Bohatch
  • D. Canada
  • Shannon Hourigan
  • Garry Nurrish
This issue sees add a store selling two t-shirts and a mousepad featuring work by Australian artist GAK, and welcome Altair Publishing's Robert Stephenson as a regular book reviewer.


New Small Press Anthology
The Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild have announced anthology Nor of Human..., to be launched by author Jack Dann at the Canberra Writers' Centre on 7th April.

Nor of Human cover The complete contents list (including an indication of the genre of each story) is as follows:

  • "The Trojan Rocks" by Michael Barry (SF)
  • "Quacaha" by Allan Price (SF)
  • "Flap" by Antony Searle (SF)
  • "Playing Possum" by Maxine McArthur (SF)
  • "Perfect Parasite" by Carole Nomarhas (SF)
  • "Happy Birthday to Me" by Alison Venugoban (SF)
  • "Sasquatch Winter" by Les Petersen (SF)
  • "Cacachatol" by Peter Barrett (F)
  • "Wyvern's Blood" by Chris Andrews (F)
  • "Fringe Dwellers" by Robbie Matthews (F)
  • "Claw" by Paul Ryan (H)
  • "Tales From The True Desert" by Matthew Farrer (H)
  • "Stark Raving Mad" by Geoff Skellams (H)
  • "Camp Yowie" by Krystle & Mark Snitch (YA)
The widely-circulated press release describes the anthology, edited by Geoffrey Maloney and illustrated by Les Petersen, as "a rich blend of humour, horror, hard SF, Fantasy, space-ships, elves, and everything between. Including Marmosets".


Multiverse to Feature Lit Stream
MV4 (Melbourne, June 8–11 2001) will feature "a special stream for Literature fans" alongside the more traditional guest talks, signings and 'media-oriented' panels.

The convention, organised by a coalition of film and television oriented fan clubs, will see Star Wars' Anthony Daniels joining fellow actors Virginia Hey and Brian Thompson, and cartoonist John Cook who will preview his animated satire Sev Trek.

The "Literary Lunch" on the Monday public holiday will offer "an opportunity to sit and discuss the written word" with authors including main speaker Jack Dann, Lucy Sussex, Janeen Webb, Kate Jacoby, Kerry Greenwood, Sean McMullen, Carole Wilkinson, George Ivanoff, Sue Bursztynski and Mark Shirrefs, co-creator of TV series The Girl From Tomorrow and Spellbinder.


Fantasy Author to Debut in US
Melbourne writer Cecilia Dart-Thornton recently sold a fantasy trilogy The Bitterbynde to Warner Books in the US and to Pan Macmillan here in Australia. The first volume, The Ill-Made Mute, will be published by Warner in May as a hardcover and by Pan in June as a trade paperback.

Material from the books had featured as January 2001 Editors Choice in Del Rey's Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy, which the author credits with "providing much support and encouragement for new writers". Advanced word on The Ill-Made Mute is good, with Kirkus Reviews calling it "tirelessly inventive, fascinating, affecting and profoundly satisfying. A stunning, dazzling debut".


Holographic Fandom
Popular Star Trek Voyager actor Robert Picardo (the Emergency Medical Hologram) will feature in a series of mini Trek conventions to be held in Australian in 2001—but be prepared to dig deep; weekend tickets for the longest events run to as much as $1,350.

The Australian Trek licensees Photon Publishing will be organising a series of Holodiction events this year, commencing in April (Sydney April 21; Melbourne April 22) with actors Dwight Shultz and Carolyn Seymour—and Gene Rodenberry's PA Richard Arnold, who'll be discussing the Star Trek series to supersede Voyager—continuing through the weekender Holodiction Odyssey 2001 which will see Picardo join fellow Voyager cast-members Roxann Dawson, Tim Russ and Garrett Wang (Melbourne June 1–3; Sydney June 8–10; Perth June 4, Picardo only; Adelaide June 11, Dawson only) and finishing with one-day events in September (Sydney September 29; Melbourne September 30) for which details are not yet available.

A range of ticket prices apply to each event, and the Photon Publishing site indicates that some events are already at capacity.


Another AntipodeanSF
The remarkably consistent Ion "Nuke" Newcombe rolled out issue #37 of AntipodeanSF on time on 21-March-2001, with five of this issue's bumper crop of seven short-shorts written by Australian authors.

The Australian stories in this issue are:

Ion's Ionospherics editorial in #37 shows he's caught the "authors reading their own work online" bug that's going around right now, and indicates we might see a multimedia AntiSF any time now.


Tess Williams shortlisted for Tiptree
The jury for the 10th Annual James Tiptree, Jr. Award (chair Ellen Klages, Lisa Goldstein, Helen Merrick, Donna Simone, and Jeff Smith) have announced this year's winner, and a short list which includes Australian author and editor Tess Williams' Sea As Mirror (HarperCollins Voyager).

The 2000 Tiptree award was won by Mary Gloss for Wild Life (Simon and Schuster), and the twelve-item shortlist features six short stories and six novels including Sea As Mirror. Williams was also shortlisted in the 1996 awards for her story "And She Was the Word". The Tiptree, awarded for the year's best "gender-bending" sf/f, is presented annually at feminist-oriented Wiscon, which this year will celebrate its 25th anniversary.


National Science Week SF Forum
"2001: Space, Odysseys and the Science in Sci-Fi Books" is the title of a forum to be held in WA on March 5th, 2001 as part of National Science Week.

The event, organised by staff of the WA Museum and the University of Western Australia, will feature authors Rosaleen Love, Terry Dowling and Tess Williams plus an assortment of academics and additional speakers, exploring the science underlying sf in a series of six panel discussions moderated by the inimitable Grant Stone.

The forum will be held at Steve's Nedlands Park Hotel, Broadway, Nedlands, and is set to begin at 7pm sharp. Tickets are $12 and include "substantial nibbles". For additional details, contact Susan Marie (08 9381 5107) or John Long (08 9427 2725).


Aurealis Awards Seeks 2001 Judges
The Convenors of the 2001 Aurealis Awards are currently choosing the five Judging Panels for this year’s Awards, which will include a Children's Division in addition to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Young Adult.

Prospective Judges should be aware of the following:

  • Judges will be required to judge both the Best Novel and Best Short Story in the Division to which they are appointed.
  • A Judge can be appointed to one or two different panels, but no more than two, and no Judge can be on the same panel for more than two consecutive years.
  • A work written by a Judge is ineligible in any Division to which they are appointed. (This ineligibility applies only to writers of works, not to editors or publishers of works.)
  • Judges need to take an active role in seeking out eligible works; it is not enough to simply wait for publishers to send out material.
Expressions of interest, requests for further information, and general inquiries of any kind relating to judging should be directed to Peter McNamara (phone/fax 08 8267 3798) on or before March 28.

It is also important that those expressing an interest clearly indicate whether they are volunteering for more than one Panel or whether they are only offering two alternative Panels. In the latter case, preferences should be clearly indicated.

The Convenors’ Panel for the 2001 Aurealis Awards consists of Rowena Cory Lindquist, Peter McNamara, Sophie Masson, Keith Stevenson and Dirk Strasser.


Australian Genre Film In Production
Australian director Esben Storm is currently filming a sci-fi/horror feature entitled Subterano.

In the film, Subterano is a "virtual holographic game" in which Ektoman, a godlike killer, hunts his victims through a subterranean maze. The film sees the game come murderously to life for thirteen protagonists trapped in an underground carpark.

Subterano, described variously as a UK or a German co-production, features actors Alex Dimitriades, Tasma Walton and Alyson Whyte, and is scheduled for completion by April and release by September 2001. Writer/director Storm, whose film and television directorial credits stretch back to the seventies, describes the film thus:

"Killers, revolutionaries, big business, kids, family, God. Romantic subterfuge. Betrayal. Bounty hunters. People trapped in a subterranean world. Set upon by lethal, remote controlled toys. Scary as hell. Frenetic. Heroic. Funny. Tragic. Sci-fi horror. A game called Subterano."


New Small Press Anthology Announced
Sydney Zeroist Alliance is inviting contributions to an apparently non-fiction anthology to be titled Zenith: Critical Visions for the Zeroist Age.

The SZA's press single-page, photocopied press release neglects information about payment, conditions or deadlines, but does indicate that the anthology is to be published in 2002 and states that "we are looking for mind-activating information, cultural analysis, counter culture experiences, occultism, art and magick", preferably between 1000 and 5000 words and typewritten or in "standard disk format". The address to write to for additional details is:

PO Box A281


Another World-Class Australian Story
Kathryn Cramer and David G. Hartwell have bought South Australian author Kain Massin's story "Wrong Dreaming" (OnSpec Fall 2000) for their new Year's Best Fantasy volume, adding to an already successful year for Australians in the international reprint anthologies.

2001 National SF Award Nominees Finalised
The final composition of the ballot for 2001 Australian National SF ("Ditmar") Awards has been released.

Preliminary nomination information was posted to the Swancon 2001 (this year's National Convention) website late last week, and several small changes resulted in the final form of the ballot.

The ballot for the Awards, for work produced in 2000, is as follows:

Best Novel:
  • Cyberskin, Paul Collins (Hybrid Books)
  • The Miocene Arrow, Sean McMullen (TOR)
  • Sea as Mirror, Tess Williams, (HarperCollins)
  • Evergence 2: The Dying Light, Sean Williams & Shane Dix (HarperCollins)
  • No Award
Best Short Story:
  • "That Old Black Graffiti", Robert Hood (Tales from the Wasteland, Hodder)
  • "The Devotee", Stephen Dedman (Eidolon 29/30)
  • "The First and Final Game", Deborah Biancotti, (Altair 6/7)
  • "The King With Three Daughters", Russell Blackford (Black Heart, Ivory Bones, Avon)
  • "The Saltimbanques", Terry Dowling (Blackwater Days, Eidolon Books)
  • "Basic Black", Terry Dowling (Blackwater Days, Eidolon Books)
  • No Award
Best Collected Work:
  • Tales from the Wasteland, ed. Paul Collins (Hodder)
  • Spinouts Bronze, eds. Paul Collins and Meredith Costain (Pearson)
  • Blackwater Days, Terry Dowling (Eidolon Books)
  • White Time, Margo Lanagan (Allen & Unwin)
  • No Award
Best Artwork:
  • Shaun Tan, The Lost Thing (Lothian)
  • Otto Schmidinger, "Australia Post SF Stamp Set" (Australia Post)
  • Marc McBride, covers of Tales from the Wasteland and Spinouts (Hodder, Pearson)
  • No Award
Best Fan Writer:
  • Grant Watson
  • Robin Pen
  • Bruce Gillespie
  • Alan Stewart
  • No Award
Best Fan Artist:
  • Grant Watson
  • Jade Todd
  • Dick (Ditmar) Jenssen
  • No Award
Best Fan Production:
  • The Rhizome Factor, Cathy Cupitt
  • First Sight, Chris Dickinson
  • Angriest Video Store Clerk in the World, Grant Watson
  • SwanCon 2001 Launch Video
  • The Unrelenting Gaze: SF Commentary 76, Bruce Gillespie
  • Mitch? Short Stories for Short Attention Spans, Mitch
  • No Award
William Atheling Jr award:
  • "Waking Henson: A Jim Henson retrospective", Grant Watson & Simon Oxwell (presentation)
  • The Unrelenting Gaze: SF Commentary 76, Bruce Gillespie
  • Reviews, Jonathan Strahan (Locus)
  • "Transrealist Fiction", Damien Broderick
  • "Time Travel, Time Scapes and Timescape", Russell Blackford (The New York Review of Science Fiction 150)
  • No Award
Best New Talent:
  • Deborah Biancotti
  • No Award
According to the subcommittee responsible, insufficient nominations were received to run Best Novella or Novelette as a separate category and, as provided in the Ditmar Rules, eligible nominees have been included in the Best Short Story category. The categories of Best Fan Achievement and Best Professional Achievement will not be run due to lack of eligible nominees.

16-Mar-01: Updated to reflect official results.


Aurealis Awards 2000 Presented
The Aurealis Awards for work published in 2000 were presented last night at a ceremony at Borders Bookshop in Prahran, Victoria. Winners for novel-length work include Sean McMullen, Juliet Marillier and Kim Wilkins, but the complete list features a number of less well-known authors.

The winners of the 2000 Aurealis Awards are as follows:

Division A: Science Fiction

Best Novel
  • The Miocene Arrow by Sean McMullen (Tor)
Best Short Story
  • "Infinite Monkey" by Damien Broderick (Eidolon #29/30)

Division B: Fantasy

Best Novel
  • Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier (Pan Macmillan)
Best Short Story
  • "The World According to Kipling (A Plain Tale from the Hills)" by Geoffrey Maloney (Aurealis #25/26)

Division C: Horror

Best Novel
  • The Resurrectionists by Kim Wilkins (HarperCollins)
Best Short Story
  • "The First and Final Game" by Deborah Biancotti (Altair #6/7)

Division D: Young Adult

Best Novel
  • Thursday’s Child by Sonya Hartnett (Penguin)
Best Short Story
  • "The Queen’s Notice" by Margo Lanagan (White Time, Allen & Unwin)

Convenor's Award (Joint Winners)

  • Spinouts–Bronze edited by Paul Collins and Meredith Costain (Pearson Education)
  • The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan (Lothian Books)


First of Retitled "Orphan" Trilogy Delivered
US publisher Ace Books has accepted the first novel of a new Sean Williams/Shane Dix series for publication. The collaboration was originally referred to as the Orphan trilogy, but the book titles themselves are proving a small problem.

The first book had been entitled Crown of Thorns, and was subsequently retitled Echoes of Earth. The second and third books of the series were originally Orphans of Earth and Nature of Gravity, but the third then became Heirs of Earth. On 22-February Williams announced that the names would change again, and that the proposed new titles were Sculptures in the Sky, Planets in their Stations and The Sentinel Stars, but even this may not be the final version.

Originally due in March 2002, the first book's publication has been brought forward to January 2002.


Year's Best F&H Now Reading
With the Fourteenth Annual Collection due in July, Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling have begun reading for the fifteenth volume of their US-based international Year's Best reprint anthology, which will include all material published in the year 2001.

Ellen Datlow's press release states she is looking for stories "from all branches of horror: from the traditional-supernatural to the borderline, including high-tech science fiction horror, psychological horror or anything else that might qualify.

"I do not want to receive manuscripts from authors of stories from venues that it's likely I already receive regularly (like Interzone, The Third Alternative, Peeping Tom, etc.) or from anthologies, unless I don't have that anthology." Copies of online publications should be sent on paper.

Stories for Datlow should be addressed to:
The Year's Best Horror
Ellen Datlow
48 Eighth Avenue PMB 405
New York, NY 10014
while stories for Windling should be sent to:
The Year's Best Fantasy
c/o Richard and Mardelle Kunz
2509 N. Campbell PMB 402
Tucson, AZ 85719-3304
If a story might be considered both fantasy and horror, copies should be sent to each address, as the editors do not confer on their selections.

The submission deadline for stories is December 15th 2001 (publications later in the year should send galleys). Submission of material for listing in the "the year in fantasy" and "the year in horror" (which Datlow says includes material that "doesn't fit anywhere else but that I feel might interest the horror reader") closes January 30th, 2002.


SW + SD = Star Wars
Sean Williams and Shane Dix have sold US publisher Del Rey a trilogy of Star Wars New Jedi Order novels.

None of the detail of the novels has been settled, and Williams will visit Star Wars producer/director George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch this month to brainstorm titles and storylines.

"There's a chance we could be writing the last three books in the series," says Williams. "If that means we get to kill anyone off, I don't know (after all, they've already topped poor old Chewie); we can only keep our fingers crossed."

Delivery of the novels overlaps the completion of both the Williams/Dix Orphans trilogy (which is to be retitled) and Williams' solo fantasy trilogy.


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