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Well, it's long-past time this was changed. The new Eidolon : SF Online website has been online for seven months now, and we've received a lot of very positive feedback about it, including this award from the good folks at Omni Online (who assure us that they'll be putting up their link to us real soon).


The major changes over the last few months have included the re-design of our Author Pages and the addition of several new Publishers' Pages. The artwork of Shaun Tan has begun to appear around the site (see Sean Williams' "The Perfect Gun" and Avram & Ethan Davidson's "Sambo"), we've improved the look of the site in many ways, and there are more changes in store for the near future.

Expect a new set of pages for Australia's hottest Hard-SF proponent Greg Egan (whose two nominations for the 1996 Hugo Award for Best Novelette were unprecedented for an Australian writer), an author page for long-time Eidolon Editor & Associate Robin Pen, online versions of Sean William's short fiction as well as a little shameless self-promotion to let you know about Eidolon Publications' nascent bookline.
Remember, we've got much of the contents of 21 issues of Eidolon magazine online, with material dating back to 1990. Everything isn't up by any means (we're still negotiating copyright etc), but there's plenty to keep you reading, including some of Greg Egan's uncollected short fiction.

We still want to hear from you if you have interesting links to tell us about (thanks to those of you who've done so already), and we're happy to link to your personal site if you have something to contribute to Australian genre info online.
Eidolon : SF Online is a site dedicated to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, but our real expertise lies in the first two, so if you are interested in promoting Horror (especially Australian Horror) online, please contact us.
Thank you to everyone who has checked us out; we were experiencing several hundred hits per day a few weeks back, which is very encouraging. I hope we can maintain your interest enough to keep you coming back, and don't forget that we're always on the lookout for feedback and constructive criticism. Anyhow, enjoy!


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