The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy
Eidolon Vol. 3, No. 4 (Whole No. 12), published by Eidolon Publications in April 1993 (as the Autumn 1993 Edition) © 1993.
Editorial Awards, Holidays and Gender Issues 4
Sean McMullen's Australian Content: Suffering For Someone Else's Art 16
Leigh Edmond's The Five Bikers of the Apocalypse 31
Robin Pen's Critical Embuggerance: Set Your Brain On Automatic 54
An Interview With: Terry Dowling 62
Fresh Ink: Reviews of Recent Publications 88
Letters Reader's Feedback and Forum 93

Duncan Evans' "The Castellan's Niece" 7
Dave Luckett's' "Jupiter Tonnens" 27
Robert Hood's "Mamandis Dreaming" 39
Pam Jeffery's "Suffer The Little Children" 60
Misha Kumashov's "Heart of Clay" 73

Cover Logo & Graphics: Keira McKenzie
Internal Illustrations: Shaun Tan, Liesl Yvette, Adam Megow and Jeremy Reston
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